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Decyber: The easy, affordable way to secure your data FROM £100/year

Sports and leisure clubs are increasingly a target for hackers, and it’s easy to see why. You hold member data. You may hold card details. You may not have a robust IT security infrastructure to protect you, and the cyber security world can seem overwhelming, confusing and expensive. That’s where we come in. DeCyber makes cyber security simple and affordable with bespoke packages tailored to your needs. We can provide the right level of protection for your organisation at a price that won’t make your eyes water.

  • Cyber awareness training
  • Internet security/anti-virus
  • Cyber insurance
  • Dark web monitoring
  • … and much more

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Our Cyber Solutions

Our bespoke cyber packages are designed to suit your needs, ensuring you only purchase what's necessary. Our fantastic bespoke packages cover every aspect of your cyber security requirements at a huge discount. We have scoured the market to find the best, most user friendly, solutions to keep your club/association safe.


Making an insurance claim in the event of an attack is of course a last resort, but it can give you a lot of peace of mind.


Our security partners will beef up your security with powerful firewalls, encryption programs and back-up tools.


Cyber monitoring tools can scan the web for your club data that may have been compromised online. The tools can also outline what the next steps are to secure your data and limit the risk of them being compromised again.


The right training for your staff can massively reduce your cyber risk. After all, human error accounts for 80% of cyber attacks.

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Why do sporting & leisure businesses need Cyber Security?

£10000 Loss

In 2017 successful phishing attacks cost sports clubs £10,000 on average.

50% Increase

Over the last year there has been a 50% increase in attacks on volunteer-run sports/leisure clubs.

40% Of clubs

40% of sports/leisure clubs have been victims of an attempted attack in recent months.

80% Of cyber attacks

80% of cyber attacks are due to human error. It's not just about the technology - it's about cyber smarts.

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Source: Cybsafe, UK Govt Statistics

News Stories

Laurel Park FC loses £28,000

Last year, Laurel Park FC was duped out of £28,000 in an email scam. This is part of a pattern of several such attacks as hackers and scammers have realised that youth football clubs are a soft but potentially lucrative target. The perpetrators hacked into the club’s email, and used a fake email to convince the treasurer that the club’s Chairman was requesting a payment to a supplier. The hackers had been monitoring the club’s email accounts and learned how to craft an email to seem completely ordinary and believable. This tragic event is unfortunately too common, but preventable with the right technology and training.

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News Stories

Freethorpe FC hit with attack

Freethorpe FC, a small club near Norfolk, suffered a potentially devastating loss of £2000 in a cyber attack in the summer of 2017. As a result the club has to undergo several fundraising activities to make back the money and ensure operations could continue. This was a classic case of a small club believing that they were not likely to be targeted with a cyber attack and being underprepared.

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freethorpe football club

News Stories

Hamilton Academical scammed for £1m

Hamilton Academical is embroiled in a legal dispute with RBS after cyber attackers scammed the Scottish Premiership club out of almost £1m.They have only been able to recoup around £170,000 but has been so far unable to recover the rest. Hamilton Academical assert that RBS’s security procedures were too lax, which allowed the fraud to take place. But RBS’s cyber security team did warn the club that the first two payments – of £40,000 and £70,000 – looked fraudulent. The team were overruled, however, and in one day the club sent out £650,000 to scammers. On the surface this looks like human error, which only highlights the need for sports clubs to invest in cyber awareness training.

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News Stories

World Rugby loses player data

World Rugby is under investigation from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner after it suffered a cyber attack in which personal data for thousands of people was obtained. Hackers accessed names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of players, parents, officials and coaches. This was a huge breach and potentially has serious implications for World Rugby, especially as the breach occurred right as the EU’s GDPR regulations came in.

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