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About Decyber

Revolutionising cyber security for sport and leisure clubs by making it quick, easy and affordable at all levels.

Providing the best cyber defence for the sport and leisure industry

DeCyber was established in 2018 to ensure that sports clubs, associations and related companies can have access to the latest, simplest, cutting-edge cyber technologies and ideas. We are passionate about protecting the reputation and data integrity of the sports & leisure Industry.

By focusing on the sports & leisure market we are able to offer bespoke, independent, targeted, packaged solutions. We understand the industry’s core cyber vulnerabilities, and our partners have strong experience and a focus on the Sports & leisure marketplace making us ideally placed to help protect you from cyber attack and loss.

Our packages represent the best value in the marketplace and provide you with one single solution which covers all your relevant needs.

DeCyber – making cyber simple.

Backed by Risk Transfer Group

Risk Transfer Group has a 38-year track record in the insurance business. Our brands include RFIB, an independent international and reinsurance broker and Limehouse Agencies, the home of innovative insurance solutions.

Decyber is proud to provide cover on behalf of Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading market for specialist insurance.


Clubs and associations of all sizes have found themselves, to their great surprise, under attack from international hackers in recent years. That’s because they a) hold sensitive information about their members and b) don’t necessarily have the resources or understanding to protect that data adequately. Enter: DeCyber. We make cyber simple.


A cyber attack can cost a club or association huge amounts of money in litigation fees and compensation for stolen data. But we can save you from all of that for as little as £10 per month and with minimal effort from you.

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