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We are proud to form partnerships with key brands and organisations in the world of sports and leisure. Through these partnerships we’re able to support worthy causes and further awareness of the need for smarter cyber resilience, from the professional leagues down to village teams.


We are delighted to be a strategic partner of the Sport & Recreation Alliance. We’re looking forward to sponsoring the Youth Development award at the CRSA 2019. Supporting the future success of UK sport is massively important to DeCyber, whether that’s through promoting awareness of cyber security threats or through partnerships such as this.

CPP Group UK

DeCyber has partnered with CPP Group UK, the leading international product innovation business, to launch our suite of products built to transform how sports clubs and sports businesses manage their online security.

58% of malware attack victims are reportedly on small businesses or organisations, with the estimated cost of these cyber-crimes amounting to £800 million per year in the UK alone. Organisations that fall victim to cyber-attacks risk losing members and customers as well as damaging their brand reputation. With GDPR regulations now in force, they can also face substantial financial penalties if they suffer a data breach.

As part of our bespoke security packages we will offer the CPP Group products OwlDetect, KYND and Wardwiz to help sports organisations and businesses detect and manage the risks arising from potential cyber attacks.

Surbiton Hockey Club

We are delighted to be shirt sponsors for Surbiton Hockey Club’s first team. Surbiton Hockey Club is one of the biggest and oldest hockey clubs in the world and they have a great history and club culture. It is a hugely important institution for British Hockey, with many players coming through its youth section to eventually earn representative honours. We are also delighted to support Surbiton’s parahockey programme, which provides a fantastic outlet for people with spinal injuries or conditions to engage in competitive team sport.

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