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CYBER Security


Sports and leisure organisations today have a lot of valuable data stored away, and hackers want to get to it.

If that data gets hacked it can lead to significant financial penalties, as well as a loss of member trust.

Avast is an anti-virus and firewall solution that will protect against many of the most dangerous threats and help your organisation protect its members and protect itself.

We include 10 commercial-grade licenses for Avast and 100GB of cloud backup FREE with every Lloyd’s cyber insurance policy purchased through

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Scans files and programs before allowing them to open or run.


Filters network traffic and stops untrusted connections.


Continuously checks for threats in incoming and outgoing emails.


100GB of cloud backup storage included free of charge.

Avast is easy to install and use – just follow these simple steps

  1. We provide you with a link to create your account
  2. Download Avast
  3. Follow the easy set-up instructions
  4. Keep your data protected

Protect your organisation properly with Avast

The cyber insurance policies available through DeCyber require your club to have full, commercial grade anti-virus and firewalls in place. That’s why we include Avast for free with every policy bought – simply download and install it, and your club will be much better protected.

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Cyber made simple

Market leading, cost effective products – packaged together by us. DeCyber is the best way to protect your club or association at minimal cost and hassle. The best way to protect your club is to use our health check tool, which will create a bespoke package solution to ensure your club has the best protection for the smallest possible price.

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