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An intelligent approach to cyber security awareness

training & awareness

Improve awareness, behaviour & culture through ongoing threat-based, accredited and continuously updated modular content.

advanced technology

Dynamic evolution of content and engagement that tailors to the individual based on their risk profile and changing threats.

attack simulation

Multi-vector attacks delivered consistently to measure and understand vulnerability by vector, geography and user.

risk Insight

Utilise data-driven insights and actionable intelligence to help inform security posture and minimise cyber security risk.


What is Cybsafe? Cyber security technology that fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science to go beyond ‘tick-box’ cyber security awareness training and addresses human cyber risk.

CybSafe is a British cyber security technology company, and a GCHQ-certified awareness platform that reduces the cost and complexity of administering a modern cyber security, data protection and privacy awareness program.

CybSafe helps organisations to measure, understand and reduce cyber and data protection risk by focusing on Awareness, Behaviour and Culture. The award-winning, cloud-based SaaS CybSafe platform leverages advanced data analytics and cognitive technologies to provide insight on individual human cyber security and data protection risk in real time. It uses non-sensitive data to identify ever-evolving risk patterns, show organisations where their human cyber vulnerabilities are, and which awareness interventions are working.

The application of machine learning and NLP technology makes the platform increasingly “intelligent” and as a result it delivers accredit-ed, cyber security awareness content and a threat-based learning experience that personalises over time. Organisations that use CybSafe save money, free up precious resource, reduce training time, increase user engagement, understand and mitigate human cyber risk and measure results more effectively.

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cybsafe benefits

  • Human-centric design empowers users to contribute and engage with security
  • Demonstrably reduces human-cyber risk including phishing click rates
  • Completion will comprehensively support compliance with GDPR and NIS Directive
  • Plug-and-play design requires no input from admins after initial setup
  • Allows complete oversight of organisational cyber awareness, behaviour and culture

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