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Simple cyber risk management for every business

KYND’s products have been developed with one aim in mind and that is to stop cyber risk from affecting your business, quickly and simply.

You might be thinking, hang on, is that really possible? There’s a new cyber risk every second. Every business is under threat. High profile cases, like the WannaCry ransomware attack, targeted more than 150 countries and temporarily forcing the NHS to close. And you’re right. More often than not, cyber risks are well publicised and hugely misunderstood by the people who really need to manage and understand them. That’s exactly what KYND is here to change.

KYND’s pioneering technology and products provide cyber risk management for anyone. Take four simple steps and you’ll be amazed at how simple cyber risk prevention can be.


Proprietary KYND cyber risk technology provides expert insight to the cyber risks your business may face.


Using a simple traffic light system your KYND risk profile highlights any areas your business could be exposed in red or amber.


If a part of your business is vulnerable KYND will help you to take immediate actions to stop potential cyber risks from turning into a real attack.


KYND will monitor your cyber risks and alerts you to new ones if they arise.

Control cyber risk the KYND way with kynd first and kynd on

You should have the control when it comes to cyber risk management.

KYND First is your first port of call to keep your business safe online. It’s a one-off report that simply shows what your cyber risks are at that moment in time and how to fix them.

Of course, the cyber world is constantly changing by the milli-second – new threats can appear at any time. You may need to know the cyber risks your business is facing in real-time so you can react immediately. KYND ON is the always on cyber risk protection product.

KYND ON has been designed to do everything KYND First does – only continuously! It constantly monitors your cyber risks and alerts you to new and potential risks as they arise. It also allows you to view your cyber risk profile any time, providing you with instant reports that can be tailored depending on who you need to share your cyber risk profile with.

KYND terms and conditions

Once you’ve chosen which product is for you, all you’ll need to do next is follow these four simple steps:

  1. Enter your domain name and answer a few questions
  2. Wait for KYND to do its magic
  3. See clearly and simply any cyber risks affecting your business
  4. Find out how to fix them immediately

KYND First

Your first port of call cyber risk prevention product, giving you:

  • A one-off report on your company’s cyber risk status that’s non-invasive, anonymous and global
  • Understanding of the cyber risks that could affect your business at a single point in time
  • Alerts to future cyber risks based on the information provided in your first KYND report
  • KYND expert analysis of your cyber risks and immediate actions you can take to fix them


Your always on, all singing, all dancing premium package, giving you

  • Ongoing reports on your company’s cyber risk exposure that are non-invasive, anonymous and global
  • Instant access to your cyber reports any time that can be easily tailored depending on who needs to know your cyber risk status
  • Continuous and regular monitoring of the cyber risks that could affect your business
  • Continuous scanning and real-time alerts to the new and potential cyber risks affecting your business as they arise
  • KYND expert analysis of your cyber risks and immediate actions you can take to fix them

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Cyber made simple

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