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CYBER INSURANCE with lloyd’s

At DeCyber, we are able to offer our clients cyber insurance underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.


Your insurance policy provides access to a 24/7/365 incident response line. If you believe you have suffered a hack, ransomware attack or loss of data, a single freephone call will give you access to an Incident Manager, who will appoint the required I.T. Forensics, legal and other specialists to resolve your problems. You will have a single point of contact through the duration of the incident or claim. These services are provided as part of your insurance policy at nil cost to you.


Your insurance policy will provide the cover for:

  • The costs to re-instate your data, plus any loss of profit and ongoing costs to keep your club running in the event of a Cyber Event (defined as unauthorised access, an operator error, a denial of service attack or the introduction of any malware, including ransomware) into or against your network or any cloud provider with whom you have a written contract.
  • Defence costs and fines and penalties (where insurable) for any loss of third party data (including Personal Data) or a breach of any privacy legislation worldwide (a Data Liability Event).
  • In addition, where this data relates to credit or debit card information including credit monitoring costs for affected individuals and any PCI fines and assessment costs.
  • Your legal liability for the transmission of a virus to a third party, or your unknowingly taking part in a denial of service attack.
  • Your legal liability for accidentally infringing any copyright or trademark, or any defamation, provided always that this liability is incurred in undertaking your usual business practices.

For a full list of what is insured and what is not, please view the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) below.

Read The Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

Getting Started With Cyber Insurance Is Simple As Four Simple Steps:

  1. Take our Cyber Health Check
  2. Receive your quote and policy documents
  3. Purchase your insurance
  4. Protect your club from cyber-related financial losses


The Insurance coverage is dependent on you having Commercial (Business grade – not Home Edition) Antivirus protection installed on all of your user endpoints.

All of our insurance policies come with FREE Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus (up to 10 licenses) and 100GB Cloud backup storage to help protect your business.

To read more about Avast click the link below.

Read More About Avast

Cyber made simple

Market leading, cost effective products – packaged together by us. DeCyber is the best way to protect your club or association at minimal cost and hassle. The best way to protect your club is to use our health check tool, which will create a bespoke package solution to ensure your club has the best protection for the smallest possible price.

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