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OwlDetect data Monitoring

DeCyber is proud to be a provider of OwlDetect, a monitoring solution which detects data that may have been compromised online. Included within the product is OwlDetect monitoring services for club information and the personal information of colleagues who wish to be protected online. The following items of data can be monitored as part of this package:

organisation Use

  • 10 email addresses (e.g.
  • 10 phone numbers
  • 10 bank account numbers
  • 10 payment card numbers

Personal Use

  • 5 email addresses (e.g.
  • 5 phone numbers
  • 5 bank account numbers
  • 5 payment card numbers
  • 1 driving license number
  • 1 passport number
  • 1 national insurance number

As part of the OwlDetect package, an organisation will also have 10 personal subscriptions to OwlDetect available for colleague use. For larger associations additional colleague subscriptions can be added to cover the exact needs of your organisation. This is all calculated through our organisation Cyber Health Check

This package has been designed so that your organisation and colleagues can have separate subscriptions to OwlDetect to monitor certain registered information on the dark web. OwlDetect will let you know straight away if your organisation’s data is misused online. Colleagues will be communicated with separately as part of their subscription to OwlDetect if we find that their data has been misused online.

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OwlDetect matches the records registered for monitoring to any compromised data found on the dark web and surface web in a database dating back to 2006.


OwlDetect will let the organisation or colleague know if any information is found compromised and what the level of risk is.


OwlDetect will let the organisation or colleague know what the next steps are to secure the relevant details and limit the risk of them being compromised again in the future.


OwlDetect provides ongoing monitoring to identify if any details become compromised and will let you know if anything is found.


OwlDetect monitors and alerts the subscriber if registered details ever appear in the wrong place or in the wrong hands.

After data has been registered for monitoring, OwlDetect will run a scan against a database of compromised data. This has been collected since 2006 from a wide range of sources of unsecure and illegal data trading sites which is continuously updated.

If anything is flagged, the subscriber will be made aware straight away and they will get a plan to help protect the compromised data.

Once the initial scan is complete, OwlDetect provides monitoring around the clock and lets the subscriber know if anything new is detected. The subscriber will receive an action plan every time an issue is found.

OwlDetect terms and conditions


  1. Enter the organisation information that you would like to be monitored
  2. Hit the button and we’ll complete the initial scan
  3. Receive your organisation’s action plan should any compromised information be found
  4. Enjoy ongoing monitoring and peace of mind knowing that your organisation’s data is protected

owldetect cyber monitoring

  • As part of the OwlDetect package, an organisation of 10 colleagues can have their chosen data monitored through subscriptions to OwlDetect.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your monitored data is protected online.
  • If you do receive an alert, we’ll provide you with a simple action plan with step-by-step guidance to help you take back control.
  • We will continue to alert you if your data is found compromised online.

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