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Data Security

Total security – because an anti-virus is not enough

Wardwiz Essential is a secure software anti-virus software package suitable for all PCs. It has the essential tools and features to ensure your online usage is protected and allows your devices to run smoothly.

One of the features is a Heuristic Scan tool which detects harmful files and threats in the cyber-world and automatically shifts any malicious data into quarantine before damage is caused.


Perform better with WardWiz. It is an essential package of tools that enhance the performance of your device.


These tools will provide security and remove any unwanted threats on your device.


If any damage is caused to your device or files, the system repairs and mitigates further risks.


Ongoing support from our dedicated team and ongoing alerts should any new threats arise.

Total Protection

We have a comprehensive list of features as part of this package offering a multi-layered approach to ensuring you are protected. Some of these include:

  • Encryption and Decryption – allows the user to protect files, pictures, films, folders with multiple contents and compressed files.
  • Scanner – features allow your system to be scanned against our signature database to identify malware and other posing threats including Viruses, Trojans and Worms.
  • Anti-ransomware – offers next generation protection by identifying, blocking and removing ransomware before it encrypts your files.
  • Self-defense – prevents any malware from altering or disabling the anti-virus protection.
  • Intelligent Repair System – if any malware damage is caused to your files, the system repairs any damage and mitigates further risks.
  • Device Control – prevents malware intrusions by scanning removable devices connected to USB ports.

 The system is programmed to accommodate several updates per day to keep the software current. WardWiz is easy to install, has a user-friendly interface and is a simple tool to ensure your digital lifestyle remains secure.

WardWiz terms and conditions

Once you’ve chosen the product that is for you, all you’ll need to do next is follow these four simple steps:

  1. Install WardWiz on any device so that the scan can be completed
  2. Select a full, quick or custom scan of your device
  3. You will be alerted of any detected threats which will be quarantined
  4. Your system is protected!

your total online security solution

  • Protects PC/Laptop and Android mobile devices from all kinds of threats and malware
  • Up-to-date signature database plus ZERO day protection – even the newest and latest threats are being detected
  • State-of-the-art tools to keep the devices clean and healthy, like Temporary File Cleaner, Registry Optimiser and many more
  • Safe encryption and decryption of any file or folder.

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