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The Risks

The cyber security risks to sports and leisure clubs are significant, and growing. There’s no such thing as ‘too small’ for hackers – in fact, they often prefer to target smaller clubs because their security tends not to be up to scratch. Below we detail some of the key risk factors in this industry.

Can You Afford To Go Unprotected?

Cyber criminals know that your reputation and brand has value and these can be used, exploited and undermined by others online. DeCyber can help to monitor if and when data leaves your organisation and if it’s being used maliciously.

Don’t become the next front page news headline

Sports and leisure clubs and associations are increasingly a target for cyber criminals. They’re high value targets and often don’t have adequate protection, so are highly vulnerable to catastrophic data breaches. In the modern economy, data = value. The data you hold on your players, athletes, supporters, partners and staff is very valuable to hackers. Are you secure, or will you be the next front page news headline?

Partnered with the best PROVIDERS in the business

The threats are complex, and the solutions often seem even more complex – which is why clubs and associations need to work with cyber resilience specialists. DeCyber has partnered with the best in the business to offer protection packages dedicated to the sports and leisure market. These include everything from encryption (a recommendation of the Information Commissioner’s Office ) to the latest ransomware and internet security.

80% of all cyber attacks are a result of human error

Don’t just think this is a technology thing. Overwhelmingly, hackers prefer to use social engineering and ransomware attacks taking advantage of human ignorance. 80% of all cyber attacks are a result of human error, so a huge part of improving cyber security is training your management team and staff to make them ‘cyber aware’. Our training and awareness partners, CybSafe can help. Purchase our Advanced package and you’ll be given a full training programme for your people, with an interactive dashboard to track progress and ensure everyone is up to speed.

It Could Be Your Club

£10000 Loss

In 2017 successful phishing attacks cost sports clubs £10,000 on average.

50% Increase

Over the last year there has been a 50% increase in attacks on volunteer-run sports/leisure clubs.

40% Of clubs

40% of sports/leisure clubs have been victims of an attempted attack in recent months.

80% Of cyber attacks

80% of cyber attacks are due to human error. It's not just about the technology - it's about cyber smarts.

Get Your Free Cyber Health Check
Source: Cybsafe, UK Govt Statistics

decyber makes it easy to get protected

Cyber security is the largest growing risk to your operations, but we can support you to understand the challenges and specific risks you face and identify the most appropriate solutions for you. Just take our simple online healthcheck and see how we can help you to become more cyber secure.


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